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Our commitment toward local populations and environnement

Les Chambres

Les chambres sont équipée d'une grande baie vitrée avec vue sur la mer


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Découvrez les 10 villas exclusives en bord de mer dans un cadre luxuriant


Situé au bord de la plage, l'hôtel vous accueille dans un cadre luxuriant


Label #Indiano

​Located near the Kariri-Xocó Indian Reserve, B Blue Beachouses has been working for several years to integrate social and environmental dynamics into the project.


The #Indiano label has been created to highlight our commitment and our positioning in the muticulturality of today's Brazil.


Several projects have been started with the Kariri-Xocó Indian community and their leader, Paruanã Cacique.

An interesting cohabitation


The paradise where our establishment is located is on land considered sacred by native Indians who have inhabited this territory for generations.


Moved over several centuries by the vagaries of history, the arrival of a hotel project near their reserve could have been poorly perceived by local people. That's why we engaged in a peaceful and open dialogue with the Kariri-Xocó Indians.


Over time, a friendly and trusting relationship was established, and we created several projects together.







The projects of the label #Indiano


  • In 2019, we published a calendar to their efigie, which was distributed to all the inhabitants, illustrating photographs of their art and culture.



  • The dialogue also opened to a project to build an Oca, a traditional venue for ceremonies, rituals and decision-making. While letting Kariri-Xocó lead the project, we financed the entire construction.


The environement 


The preservation of the environment is at the heart of our operation as a local company.


We dare to invite our customers and partners to participate actively in our actions and programs, starting from a critical reflection based on respect for all life forms and the ecosystem.


Small gestures 


The whole operation of the establishment takes into account our commitments, and at all levels, we pay sincere attention to small gestures that, together, allow us to act in favor of a more pleasant world for everyone.


We have adopted the solar energy system as the main source of water heating.​

All accommodations are completely non-smoking, to preserve the quality of the air and the health of the guests and employees.​

100% of the bulbs we use are LEDs (low energy consumption).

We reuse rainwater for swimming pools, cleaning and irrigation of gardens.

We use rain water for swiming pools, gardening and cleaning 

Showers, faucets and toilets work with low water flow to avoid waste.​

We invest in the local community: hiring and training residents, collaborating with surrounding social projects and encouraging guests to interact with such initiatives.​

Architectural design takes advantage of natural lighting, with glass walls and open and well ventilated areas, which helps to reduce the use of artificial light and air conditioning (in common areas).​

Customers choose whether they want towels changed daily or not. Sheets are changed every three days - so guests help with water consumption and also reduce the consumption and emission of chemicals.​

A sustainable approach​